As announced at DAS AGM Ascot 2013, and in collaboration with the Society of Airway Management (SAM and the European Society of Arway Management (EAMS; the Difficult Airway Society has established a multidisciplinary faculty of professors, who are senior leaders in the broad field of airway management. Election to the International Anaeshesia Societies' Faculty is normally by appointment to a DAS Professorship, or by a professorial appointment by another society, college or university.

The function of the Faculty is to assist members with their research and projects, offer advice, and cement multicentre studies across the disciplines relating to the field of airway management.

Below is the list of DAS appointed professors to the International Anaesthesia Societies' Faculty and their biographies, publications and contact details. SAM and EAMS Faculty Professors will soon be available on their websites. 

Professor Andrew Smith, Lancaster (Medical Education)
Professor Arpan Guha, Liverpool (Critical Care and Medical Education)
Professor Fang Gao, Birmingham (Thoracic & Critical Care)
Professor Jaideep J Pandit, Oxford (Airway Management & Physiology)
Professor John Laffey, Toronto (Airway Management and Cell Physiology)
Professor Mansukh T Popat, Oxford (Airway Management)
Professor Michael YK Wee, Poole, (Obstetrics)
Professor Peter Charters, Liverpool (Airway Management)
Professor Tak Asai, Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan (Airway Management)
Professor Tim M Cook, Bath (Airway Management & Critical Care)
Professor Tony Wilkes

faculty professor