Professor Peter Charters MD FRCA MRCP
Consultant Anaesthetist,
Department of Anaesthesia,
University Hospital Aintree,
Liverpool, L9 7AL, UK
Websites established and maintained (with help from Dr John Davies, ex computer services, University of Liverpool) – the Aintree Difficult Airway method for anticipated difficult airway – a “wiki” of airway scenarios and manual for the ADAM site

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Chapters in Books
User Guide to Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Equipment, Ed G Arthurs. Chapters on airway equipment. Saldatore Ltd, ISBN 0 948047 046
Key Topics in Otolaryngology 2nd Edn, Ed N Rolands. Chapters on General Anaesthesia and Local Anaesthesia. Bios Scientific Publications Ltd.
Handbook of Clinical Anaesthesia 2nd Edn, Ed Pollard BJ. Churchill Livingstone, 2004. 
Chapters on:
Laryngoscopy and Microsurgery of the Larynx, pp 348-50,
Laryngectomy and Radical Neck Dissection, pp 370-1.
Anaesthetic lead (with Drs Imran Ahmed, Anil Patel, Scott Russel) for "Anaesthesia for Head and Neck Surgery" chapter in: Roland NJ, Paleri V (eds). Head and Neck Cancer: Multidisciplinary Management Guidelines. 4th Edn. London: ENT UK; 2011 © ENTUK, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-0-9570138-0-3

MD Thesis (Peter Charters, University of Liverpool, 1983)
“The use of Mannitol during renal transplantation”

Supervisor/ co-supervisor MD theses
Mr Terry Jones, ENT (University of Liverpool, 2006)
Dr Mark Halligan (University of Liverpool, 2008)
“Bonfils Endoscope: Intubation and Airway Assessment Device”
Dr Seema Charters (University of Liverpool, 2012)
“Comparison of functional and optical properties of indirect laryngoscopes relative to the Macintosh laryngoscope”
Clinical supervisor to computer science students for successful PhD projects (long-term collaboration with Professor Duncan Gillies, Applied Computer Graphics, Imperial College, London)
Andreia Rodrigues, Krista Lam and Eldos Then


Anaesthetic Research Society (UK) Member
Council Member 1998 – 2002
Treasurer 2002 - 2008
Published abstracts presented to this society and published in British Journal of Anaesthesia =51 total.
Member of local research ethics committee (South Sefton) from 1989 to 1996 and Chairman for the last three of these years.
Invited speaker to international meetings
10th European Congress of Anaesthesiology, July 1998, Frankfurt/Main Germany.
"Prediction of difficult intubation. Do we need new screening parameters?"
2nd Conference of the Jordanian Society of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Control, May 1999, Amman, Jordan
"Dedicated Airways" (followed by workshop demonstrations)
Advanced airway workshop. Academy of Medicine, Malaysia, College of Anaesthesiologists, Feb 2000
Lecture tour and demonstrations (with Dr Peter Groom, Research Fellow):
Penang (Malaysia)
    "Keep a clear airway". PG
    "Teach yourself fibreoptic intubations". PC
Malacca (Malaysia): PC/PG Principal facilitator/tutors
    "Awake intubation". PG
    "Expected difficult airway management". PC
    "Management of the unexpected difficult airway including obstetrics". PG
    "Emergency tracheal access". PC.
Kuching (Sarawak)
    "Recent advances in pulmonary care in ICU". PC.
    "Mechanisms causing difficult intubation". PC.
    "Difficult intubation techniques". PG.
National University Singapore
    "Comparative anatomy of the upper airway (- obstruction a human problem)". PG.
    "History of devices to maintain upper airway patency". PC. 
    "Clinical case presentations and discussion". PC. 
The success of this lecture tour was important in encouraging the Malaysian College of Anaesthetists to allow the formation of their equivalent of the UK Difficult Airway Society.
2nd European Society of Anaesthetists meeting, April 2000, Vienna
Chairman of Cook mini-symposium, 'Management of the Difficult Airway'
"Evaluation and Management of the Expected Difficult Airway"
3rd Conference of the Jordanian Society of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Control, May 2001, Amman, Jordan
"Management of Difficult Airway Problems in Head and Neck Surgery"
"Tracheal Intubation: Theory and Practice"
Malaysian College of Anaesthetists SIG. "3rd Advanced Airway Workshop", Nov 2001, Malacca
“Calcification of the Stylo-Hyoid Ligaments”
“Management of Difficult Airway Problems in Head and Neck Surgery”
“Relevance of the Temporo-Mandibular Joint to Difficult Intubation”
European Society of Anaesthetists, Glasgow, Jun 2003. Chairman, Storz mini-symposium.
"Intubation through the laryngeal mask airway".
14th Annual Conference of Jiangsu Chinese Medical Association on Anesthesiology, Jul 2009, Nanjing China
“Airway Management in Head and Neck Cancer”
Inaugural meeting of the Australian/New Zealand Colleges SIG, Mar 2010, Larne Australia
“ ‘Safe’ FOB – ‘awake’ topicalisation or Remifentanil?”
“Dental abscess – an airway chameleon for the anaesthetist”
“Bonfils laryngoscope – where, when, how?”
BASS Meeting (Belgian Association for Sleep research and Sleep medicine), Oct 2011, Antwerp Belgium.
“Effect of sedative drugs on the upper airway”. 


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