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ORSIM system

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ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator: if you care about airways

  • Practise difficult airways in a safe simulated environment – safe for the patient, the learner and the teacher
  • Use a replica bronchoscope to really hone your skills
  • Gain confidence before encountering real patients
  • Practise as often as you like: make mistakes – learn from feedback – improve
  • Prepare for real life difficult airways in adults and children
  • Learn from challenging scenarios like airway burn, angioneurotic oedema, retropharyngeal abscess, penetrating neck injury and many more.
  • Learn more and check out some of our ORSIM scenarios byclicking on these links:

ORSIM Introduction by Paul Baker

ORSIM Normal Oral Bronchoscopy

ORSIM Difficult Airway Trauma


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