Call for Nominations 2023 – DAS Treasurer  
We are notifying all DAS members that there is a vacancy of DAS Treasurer to take up position following the Annual Meeting in December 2023.
If you are interested joining the DAS Committee, please complete the nomination form and return to [email protected]   
The nomination must be supported by a proposer and seconder. Nominees, their proposers and seconders must be members of the Difficult Airway Society and in good standing. 
The deadline for receipt of nominations (including supporting emails from proposers and seconders) is 23:59 (BST) on Friday 29th September 2023. 
An unopposed nomination for DAS Treasurer will automatically be elected. If the number of nominations for the post of Ordinary Executive Committee Member is less than or the same as the available number of vacancies, then the nominees will be automatically elected.
Where there are more valid nominations for the role than the number of vacancies available, an election to fill those vacancies will occur which will be undertaken by Civica, an independent electoral service
Members will receive an email from Civica with instructions on how to vote.  The ballot will open from Monday 16th October 2023 and will close on Friday 24th November 2023. 
The results of the electronic vote will be declared at the Annual Meeting in December 2023.

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