Trainee Competition
We are pleased to announce the 2022 DAS Trainee Competition: for which there are now TWO separate categories:
1. creative writing (our essay competition)
2. creative media (this may be whatever you wish: painting, video, poetry, photo series...the list goes on)
The winner of each category will receive £100 in prize money and will have their work published in the DAS newsletter and displayed at the 2022 DAS ASM.
We invite submissions on the following title, for you to interpret as you wish:
“The Airway Training of Dreams"

  1. Entries are invited on the above title. One entry per person to EITHER the essay OR the media category will be accepted. The author/creator must be a DAS member.
  2. Members of the DAS committee will judge anonymised entries.
  3. For essays: We will be looking for a well-developed viewpoint. Word count 1500 words maximum (excluding references). Please use Times New Roman size 12 font and double line spacing. References should be formatted as for the BJA.
  4. Label your file either ‘DAS Trainee Competition Essay – your DAS Membership Number’, or ‘DAS Trainee Competition Media – your DAS Membership Number’. The name of the author/creator, author/creator’s institution or other identifiable information should NOT be included in the file title or content.
  5. Please send in your manuscript OR media submission, along with a completed submission form which can be requested from [email protected] or downloaded from the DAS website (see below).  Please submit to [email protected]
  6. Prize money of £100 and a certificate will be awarded to the author of the top essay and the creator of the top media submission. The winning submissions in BOTH categories will be published in the DAS newsletter, as well as displayed at the 2022 DAS ASM.
  7. Winners will be contacted by email.
  8. Deadline for receipt of emailed submissions is: Midnight on 14th April 2022

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