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DAS approved course

  • To become familiar with neonatal anatomy and physiology of the airway (CPD matrix 1A01)
  • Improved understanding of neonatal pharmacology for drugs used in intubation. (1A02)
  • Increase confidence with basic airway skills, equipment and adjuncts.(1C02) 
  • Understanding of common problems and management strategies. 
  • Understand neonatal conditions requiring specific airway management.
  • Improve skills in neonatal intubation and safe monitoring of the intubated neonate. 
  • Develop effective approaches for predicting and managing the difficult airway
  • Introduction to advanced airway management of difficult neonatal airways and tracheostomies 
  • Practise skills gained in high fidelity simulation.


Course Dates

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Dr Stephanie Jinks: [email protected]

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