Teleflex has provided DAS with an  £80,000 grant to study 2nd generation supraglottic airway devices, thus supporting the principles behind ADEPT, that all airway related equipment should be supported by high quality clinical evidence. Five groups in Cardiff, Bath, Oxford, Reading and Northampton will undertake a multi-centre collaborative clinical trial.
The DAS President, Anil Patel said: "This is an important partnership between industry and the leading worldwide charity in airway research. It certainly demonstrates Teleflex's committment to support our mission of generating high quality evidence to guide airway management practice, and speaks volumes about the company's ethos and culture. We hope this is an important lead to other industry colleagues seriously to consider similar partnerships with us, to aid us in our goal of improving patient safety."
Further details can be found at the Teleflex press release at:
The trial is automatically eligible for portfolio registration: Since early 2016 DAS has been a listed NIHR partner, meaning that all its grant-sponsored research and audits are automatically eligible for adoption onto Clinical Research Network portfolios, enhancing the research support available (see DAS press release

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