DAS PhD Programme.
The DAS PhD programme gives support to researchers who have a list of publications that may be suitable to put together as a PhD. DAS will support applicants throughout the process of a PhD by publication, including funding support.
Many DAS members accumulate a strong list of publications in the field of airway management and related themes. Yet, they do not have access to higher degrees and as practising clinicians they cannot take years out of work to undertake a PhD or MD. The DAS PhD scholarship programme with the guidance from DAS Faculty of Professors who can serve to guide interested DAS members to achieve higher degree like PhD.
The sponsorship of members undertaking higher degrees fits with DAS’s overall mission of creating an academic career path, from research-active member, to senior lecturer to DAS Professor. Professor Brendan McGrath is a fantastic example of this. Reflecting on his appointment as a DAS Professor in 2021 he said it is great to see the opportunities available now to our students and trainees. I’ve written about the DAS PhD scheme before and this is a perfect way to formalise a body of work into a recognisable academic endeavour for any clinically-based anaesthetist. That period of writing, critiquing and reflecting on my work to that point allowed me to see more clearly what I had to do next and gave me the contacts and probably the credibility (in academic currency anyway) to take them forwards.”
The attached document explains the DAS PhD scholarship programme. We urge enthusiastic research-active DAS members to avail this opportunity.