­DAS 2003 3-5th December

Scottish Education and Conference Centre­


Session:Cervical Spine Injury
Dr Ian Calder (London)The laryngoscope – guilty or not
Dr David Gabbott (Gloucester)Manual in-line stabilisation, Bougie and McCoy blades
Dr Kai Goldmann (Marburg)Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway
Dr Edward Crosby (Ottawa)Bullard Laryngoscope
Dr Felice Agro (Rome)Light-guided Tracheal Intubation
Dr Peter Latto (Cardiff)Guest Lecture: The Bougie
Session:Thoracic Anaesthesia
Dr Fang Gao (Birmingham)Surgical or Percutaneous Tracheostomy?
Dr John Gothard (London)Difficult Endobronchial Intubation
Dr Edward Crosby (Ottawa)Bullard Laryngoscope
Session:Can’t intubate Can’t ventilate
Dr Peter Biro (Zurich)The Transtracheal Approach
Dr Jonathan Hardman(Nottingham)Physiology of apnoea and the emergency airway
Dr Richard Vanner (Gloucester)Large Cannula Techniques
Dr Sean Tighe (Chester)Surgical Cricothyrotomy
Guest Lecture: Dr Ulrich Braun
Airway Management in Patients with Noma
Session:Equipment, training and Guidelines
Dr Richard Levitan
Advances in Teaching Direct Laryngsocopy
Dr Anne-Marie Cros (Bordeaux)Airway Training in France
Dr Michael Kristensen (Copenhagen)Airway Mishaps in Denmark
Dr Peter Biro (Zurich)Video-assisted Laryngoscopy and intubation

Workshop John Henderson and Mansukh Popat

Dr Anne-Marie Cros, Dr Veronique Crinquette, Dr Bert Dercksen and Dr Pieter Borg