Postgraduate Medical Centre­­
26-27th Nov­ember

Session I:Multi-disciplinary topic: Obstructive sleep apnoea
Dr A S Hiremath (Surrey)Obstructive sleep apnoea and difficult intubation
Dr I Gleadhill (Belfast)The respiratory physician’s view
Mr W Primrose (Belfast)The ENT surgeon’s perspective
Session II:Case reports : One slide wonders
Dr P Murphy (Leeds)Acromegaly
Dr M Weiss (Zurich)Video assisted airway management
Dr A Diba (London)Difficult decannulation predictable?
Dr A Diba (London)K + TTJV + FOI = OK
Dr R M Dravid (Oxford)Use of the flexible fibrescope for tracheal re-intubation in a patient with difficult extubation
Dr A Patel (London)Inhalational induction with 8% Sevoflurane for the difficult airway with acute respiratory distress
Dr A Patel (London)Tension pneumothorax associated with an airway exchange catheter in a patient with ankylosing spondylitis
Session III:Update of projects
Dr P Rich (London)Update on the difficult airway database
Dr T Strang (Manchester)A CD Rom update
Dr P A Farling (Belfast)Report from SAM, Boston
Dr D Gray (Liverpool)Waste not the butterflies
Dr E P McCoy (Belfast)Visions of heaven and hell
Session IV:Review Lecture and Free Papers
Dr T Randell (Helsinki)Fibreoptic review
Dr J Harten (Glasgow)Comparison of the Augustine Guide with the Ovassapian Airway for oral fibreoptic intubation in patients with normal airway anatomy
Dr G Rodney (Dundee)Propofol by target controlled infusion and the difficult airway
Dr H Manji (Oxford)Is an antisialogogue necessary for routine fibreoptic intubation under general anaesthesia?
Dr J Henderson (Glasgow)Increasing use of straight laryngoscopes by Consultant Anaesthetists in a Scottish hospital
Session V:Training and Education
Dr R Vaughan (Cardiff)The College’s view
Dr J Murray (Belfast)The REA’s view
Dr P McSorley (Belfast)The trainee’s view
Sr A Maginnis (Belfast)The assistant’s view
Dr T Turley (Cardiff)Training module update
Professor G Shorten (Cork)The virtual airway
Session VI:Lower Airway Problems
Dr D L Coppel (Belfast)The troubled airway
Dr E C Behringer (California)Airway problems in intensive care
Dr K G Lowry (Belfast) and Mr J McGuigan (Belfast)Problems in thoracic surgery
Session VII:Controversies in airway management
Dr R A Mason (Swansea)Anaesthesia for upper airway tumours
Dr E C Behringer (California)The COPA
Dr J Nolan (Bath)The intubating laryngeal mask
Dr G Greenslade (Bristol)Remifentanil during fibreoptic intubation