­­International Arena­
28th-29th November­


Session I: 
Dr J Langton (Plymouth)Airway reflexes
Dr W S Ng (Cardiff)Physiological responses to intubation
Dr J Sear (Oxford)Drugs used to inhibit these responses
Dr R S Vaughan (Cardiff)Extubation responses – where are we?
Session II:Teaching Session
Dr R Mason (Swansea)Fibreoptic Teaching in adults
Dr A Black (London)Fibreoptic Teaching in children
Dr R Grummitt (York)Assessment of Teaching/Calman Modules
Session III:The Obstetric Airway
Dr G Lyons (Leeds)Current problems
Dr M Harmer (Cardiff)The failed obstetric airway
Session IV:Free Papers
Dr P FarlingFibreoptic intubation in a teaching hospital : development and audit of service
Dr K KogaFibrescope-aided intubation: effect of tube size and efficacy of laryngeal mask
Dr J HendersonParaglossal straight blade laryngoscopy in unexpectedly difficult intubation
Dr M CheckettsTransdermal hyoscine as an antisialogogue for fibreoptic intubation
Dr J DingleyEase of insertion of the LMA by inexperienced personnel using Portex introducer
Dr H Owen-ReeceUse of video recorded information to assist in difficult fibreoptic intubation
Session V:Aspects of Tracheal Intubation
Dr B Liban (London)Medic alert database and difficult intubation
Dr P Clyburn (Cardiff)Confirmation of intubation
Dr K R Murrin (Cardiff)Legal aspects of failed intubation
Session VI: 
Dr A Dow (Exeter)Trauma airway
Dr R Walker (Manchester)Paediatric mucopolysaccharides
Dr P Latto (Cardiff)Airway audit