DAS has received several requests from international centres in Europe, Africa and Asia to conduct airway management training in their centres/countries.

In response to such requests,

DAS has set up a Verified courses application form to formalise the process and issue an accreditation mark for the host organisation to publicise their courses each year. As the international workshops and courses may have different standards and contents, DAS will only be able to have an observational role in their design.

DAS can help the course organisers with planning and logistics of the meeting, and by sending a dedicated team of two or more DAS members for ensuring high standards of education in the management of the airway. These courses can be tailored to suit local needs and facilities.

The main objective is to promote worldwide the high standards of airway management that DAS has always stood for and teach airway management as per the DAS algorithm.


  1. Course Organiser must be DAS member

  2. They must be Professors,Consultants or Equivalent

  3. Course must be in English

  4. DAS members will travel only if the region is approved to be safe to travel by the Home Office

  5. Sending of DAS members involves costs and the organisers may have to bear some of the costs.

DISCLAIMER: While DAS supports local, regional and national airway courses the content or organisation of these courses.are the responsibility of the local course organisers Delegates should ensure for themselves that the course meets their learning needs before booking a place. For further details of the course please contact the respective course contacts