Please find below the abstract book from DAS ASM 2016 held at Torquay. We will also upload presentations from the meeting to this page when they are available.


ASM Abstract bookDownload

Dr Andrey Varvinskiy; Chair, DAS 2016 Local Organising Committee

Thursday 17 November 2016
Session 1 – DAS Professor lectures (2A01)

Prof Antony Wilkes (Edinburgh, UK)

Getting the evidence base on airway equipment - why, how ... and who

Prof Ellen O’Sullivan (Dublin, Ireland)

New DAS Guidelines. Have we made the right choice?
Session 2 – Focus on preoperative assessment of a patient with a potentially difficult airway (1C01)

Associate Prof Vladimir Nekhendzy (Stanford, USA)


Dr Imran Ahmad (London, UK)

Virtual endoscopy - a new tool in difficult airway assessment

Dr Michael Seltz Kristensen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Ultrasound in difficult airway. What is new?
Session 3 – “So you have an idea, what is next?” Focus on innovation (1I03, 1I05)

Prof Dietmar Enk (Maastricht, Netherlands)


Dr Paul Baker (Auckland, New Zealand)

Focus on innovation

Mr Darren Woodall (Torquay, UK)

Session 4 – Obstetrics (2B02, 2B05, 3B00)

Prof Peter Biro (Zurich, Switzerland)

What to expect from airway in late pregnancy

Dr Mary Mushambi (Leicester, UK)

Difficult airway guidelines in obstetrics. The aftermath
Session 5 – ITU (1I05, 2A01,3C00)

Dr Brendan McGrath (Manchester, UK)

Improving tracheostomy care – the role of the Anaesthetist

Dr Andy Higgs (Warrington, UK)

Airway guidelines in the ITU: an update
Session 6 – Paediatrics (1G01, 1I01, 2A01, 2D01)

Dr John Fiadjoe (Philadelphia, USA)

Paediatric difficult airway database

Dr Paul Baker (Auckland, NZ|)

Preventing and managing laryngospasm in the child
Friday 18 November 2016
Session 7 – Top 5 Oral Abstracts presentation (1H02, 2A01, 3J02, 3J03)

Chair: Dr Theresa Hinde (Torquay, UK)
Judges: Prof Tim Cook (Bath, UK) and Dr Iljaz Hodzovic (Cardiff, UK)

Top 5 Oral Abstracts presentation
Session 8a – DAS Annual Members Meeting

Chair: Dr Anil Patel, DAS President

DAS Annual Members Meeting
Session 8b – Sudheer Medakkar ODP session (3A01)

Mrs Tracy Huggins (Rugby, UK)

ODP session

Mr Martin Brace (Torquay, UK)

ODP session
Session 9 – DAS research projects (3J03)

Prof Jaideep Pandit, DAS Scientific Officer (Oxford, UK)

Strategy for research in airway management

Dr Subrahmanyam Radhakrishna (Coventry, UK)

Decontamination of videolaryngoscopes and flexible scopes
Session 10 – Videolaryngoscopy (2A01)

Dr Barry McGuire (Dundee, UK)

Videolaryngoscopy: where are we going?

Prof Tim Cook (Bath, UK)

Implementing videolaryngoscopy as first choice - is it desirable, is it feasible?
Session 11 – SAM lecture

Prof Lauren Berkow (Baltimore, USA)

Multidisciplinary airway teams: how collaboration can improve communication and outcomes
Session 12 – Airway fellowship around the world (1H01, 1H02, 3J02)

Associate Prof Vladimir Nekhendzy, Clinical Associate Professor (Stanford, USA)

Stanford Head and Neck Anesthesia and Advanced Airway Management Programme

Dr Tom Bradley (Exeter, UK)

Facing Africa: difficult airways in Ethiopia

Dr Andrew Heard (Perth, Australia)

Airway Fellowship, Western Australia

Dr Helen Bryant (Portsmouth, UK)

Advanced Airway Training Programme
The Fractured CricoidDownload