The following are the presentations from DAS ASM 2014 held at Ascot. The speakers have been kind enough to provide their talks as PDF files. Click on the title of the talk to download the respective files.


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Thursday 13th November 2014
Session 1  The Tempest – Airway challenges

Dr Bob Winter, Consultant Anaesthetist, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

Pre-hospital airway
Dr Ashish Sinha, Vice Chairman and Professor, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, USAAirway challenges in the morbidly obese
Professor Richard Levitan, Adjunct Professor of Medicine (Emergency Medicine), Dartmouth (Geisel) School of Medicine,
and Visiting Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, USA
The psychology of airway management
Session 2 As You Like It – Research & updates

Professor Tim Cook, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Clinical airway research: Reflections on the past and thoughts about the future

Professor Steve Yentis, Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia, and Consultant Anaesthetist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London

Session 3: The Karl Storz lecture
Dr Lorraine J Foley, Vice President, Society for Airway Management, USA‘I just had a patient with a difficult intubation. Now what?’
Session 4: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Dr Jonathan Cracknell, Director of Animal Operations, Longleat Enterprises, UK

Airway management in the wild
Session 5: Othello 
Dr David Ball, Consultant Anaesthetist, Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary, DumfriesFacing Africa
Dr Rob Walker, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, ManchesterThe paediatric airway
Friday 14th November 2014
Session 6: Full Many A Glorious Morning I Have Seen
Dr Mary Mushambi, Consultant Anaesthetist, Leicester Royal Infirmary, LeicesterOAA/DAS Obstetric intubations guidelines
Dr Chris Frerk, Consultant Anaesthetist, Northampton General Hospital, NorthamptonDAS New intubation guidelines
Professor Jaideep Pandit, Consultant Anaesthetist, John Radcliffe Hospital, OxfordNAP5 and the airway

Session 7: Much Ado About Nothing – Controversies

For: Dr William Harrop-Griffiths, Consultant Anaesthetist, St Mary’s Hospital, London
Against: Dr Subrahmanyam Radhakrishna, Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospital Coventry, Coventry
Difficult airway! The fault, dear Brutus, is not with the patient but with ourselves!
Session 8b: ODP session 

Ms Judith O’Grady, ODP, University Hospital Coventry, Coventry

How to set up a difficult airway trolley
Mr Dave Howarth, Senior ODP, Gwynedd Hospital, BangorCo-Pilot algorithm
Miss Tabussam Choudary, Principal ODP, Wexham Park Hospital, SloughThe X Factor in airway management
Mr James Huntington, ODP, Torbay Hospital, TorquayODP training at present and in the future
Session 9: A O this learning, what a thing it is! – Raising the standards of airway training 
Dr Chandra Vaidyanath, SpR, University Hospital Coventry, CoventryTrainee’s view: RCOA curriculum
Dr Cyprian Mendonca, Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospital Coventry, Coventry
• Challenges    • How to set up airway training    • Simulation in airway training
Trainer’s view: Challenges in delivering airway training
Dr Peeyush Kumar, Trainee Representative, The Royal College of AnaesthetistsTrainee’s view: My clinical experience
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