DAS members may apply to host a future ASM. Applications should be made no earlier than 4 years and no later than 2 years before the proposed date.

This should be done by contacting the Honorary Secretary expressing an interest, as well as any proposed details, such as a venue, a date, names of the local organising team and even ideas re the meeting content or format.

The application should not exceed 500 words.

The proposal will be put to the committee at its next meeting and considered. It may be accepted at that time or rejected or, most likely, retained for further consideration in light of other applications and plans DAS has for subsequent meetings. DAS is committed to ensuring that the ASM takes place across the length and breadth of the country and not seen as something only run by a select few ‘friends of the society’.

Finally, in the situation where there are more applications than slots, the DAS committee may choose to hear bids in person from individuals or teams in a competitive process in order to select the best proposal.

The secretary is very happy to discuss any plans or queries people may have in relation to a proposal.

Barry McGuire, DAS Hon. Sec.