Update (April 2015) on DAS intubation guidelines 2015

The DAS guidelines update committee is busy drafting the proposed new intubation guidelines. Here is another update on the forthcoming DAS guidelines 2015. Please send your comments to [email protected]. Click here to access the update file. The previous updates are available through links on this page.  

Update (Jan 2015) on DAS intubation guidelines 2015

We have got another update to the Difficult Intubation Guidelines which we would like to share with you all. During ASM 2014  at Stratford-Upon-Avon we had a wonderful session about the guidelines where we encouraged the floor to share their views. The files below cover what came up during the discussion. Please share your views by email the guideline development team at [email protected]

Please click on the links below to download the update(powerpoint and pdf).   

Chris Frerk

Update (Oct 2014) on DAS intubation guidelines 2015

The Original DAS Guidelines (for Unanticipated Difficult Intubation) from 2004 have been a great success for the Society, the profession and for patient safety. It was recognised 5 years ago that these would need updating but a view was taken at that time to await the results of NAP4 before rewriting the guidelines. In 2011/12 a group was established to get the project underway.