We are pleased to announce the 2024 DAS Trainee Competition:


The winner will receive £100 in prize money, will have their work published in the DAS E-zine, and displayed at the 2024 DAS ASM.

Infographics are an innovative way to display information and explain concepts clearly and memorably. We invite you to design an infographic on any topic related to difficult airway management. 
Consider how you can present this in a visual format and create your infographic! Infographics should be visually appealing and generally contain little text. Any images used should be cited (creative commons, public domain, or personally taken or designed). Infographics must be original work.
1. Entries are invited on any difficult airway management topic, but must be original. The author/creator must be a DAS member and trainee.
2. Members of the DAS committee will judge anonymised entries.
3. We will be judging infographics based on content and relevance to DAS, depth of information conveyed and ease of interpretation, and how visually pleasing they are/calibre of artistry/originality.
4. Label your file ‘DAS Trainee Infographic Competition’. The name of the author/creator, author/creator’s institution or other identifiable information should NOT be included in the file title or content.
5. Please submit files in .jpeg or .pdf format in high resolution, as one page/image only
6. Please send in your infographic to [email protected], along with the completed submission form available for download below.
7. Prize money of £100 and a certificate will be awarded to the first prize winner. The infographic will be published in the DAS E-zine, as well as displayed at the 2024 DAS ASM.
8. Winners will be contacted by email.
9. Deadline for receipt of emailed infographics: Midnight 14th April 2024

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