Difficult Airway Trolley Signage

DAS supports the use of explicit signage and content of Difficult Airway Trolley. As well as an exact inventory of trolley contents, we encourage clear, external labelling of drawer contents, ideally with pictorial representation with or without educational guidance to working through the DAS Difficult Intubation Algorithm 2015. Several versions of such drawer stickers are available below for use, either in their current form or following local editing.

The next Airway leads day will be held at the RCoA, London on the 17th of March 2016. Please visit the RCoA event page for further details. 

We are very keen for our members to submit their examples of best practice to the college. If you are an airway lead but haven’t had an email from the Royal college of Anaesthetists regarding the event please get in touch with the college.

Airway Leads Strategy Meeting


Royal College of Anaesthetists

Tuesday 25th March 2014


Dr. Jairaj Rangasami, DAS President

Dr. Subrahmanyam Radhakrishna, DAS Honorary Secretary

Prof. Tim Cook, RCoA NAP Advisor

Miss. Mary Casserly, RCoA Education & Research Manager


DAS-RCoA Airway lead forum

Update:(07/08/2014) The Airway Leads forum is now live and can be accessed by visiting the forums under member's section. We are currently setting up online accounts for Airway Leads who have already registered with the DAS website. Please send us your details if you have not already done so.

Welcome to the DAS-RCoA Airway lead forum.