DAS Surveys

We are keen to facilitate the investigation of practice and opinion through the use of surveys of the DAS Membership; with a large membership and social media following, we hope that we can attract high response rates. We are aware that we are all very busy and as such, the society will aim to distribute a maximum of FOUR DAS member generated surveys each year.
All applications should include a survey sponsor working as a Consultant, Staff Specialist, Associate Specialist Grades, or equivalent grade. Both the applicant and the survey sponsor should be DAS members.

Survey Guidelines

Any survey intended to be carried out to DAS members must first be reviewed by the Surveys Sub-committee to ensure that it is of an appropriate standard and is suitable for distribution.

There will be a maximum of 12 surveys approved per year and only one survey can be active at a time.

The survey, accompanied with a covering letter clearly outlining its purpose and aims (including what the survey adds and contributes) should be emailed to: [email protected].