Any survey intended to be carried out to DAS members must first be reviewed by the Surveys Sub-committee to ensure that it is of an appropriate standard and is suitable for distribution.

There will be a maximum of 12 surveys approved per year and only one survey can be active at a time.

The survey, accompanied with a covering letter clearly outlining its purpose and aims (including what the survey adds and contributes) should be emailed to: [email protected].

The survey must be supported by a consultant member of DAS from the hosting institution. This will then be forward to the Surveys Sub-committee for review, the minimum standard required will be equivalent to that of an abstract accepted for presentation at a DAS meeting. Please note that questions should be succinct and long questionnaires are unlikely to be accepted.

Once reviewed and if accepted, the author will be informed and an online survey (Survey Monkey/Zoomerang) should be set up incorporating any changes recommended by the Surveys Sub- committee.

This must then be sent to the Surveys Sub-committee once again for final review. A covering letter to accompany the survey should also be included, this must clearly explain the purpose of the survey and will be transcribed onto the survey welcome screen.

Once accepted, the survey will be distributed by email to DAS members. The survey will only be emailed to members for whom we have a valid email address. Those submitting the survey must accept that some NHS Institutions will not allow links to online questionnaires. This is regrettable but unavoidable and the society can take no responsibility for this.

A nominal charge of £100 will be made by DAS to cover costs incurred. Distribution of the survey to DAS members will only be made once payment has been received. Cheques or CC payments should be sent to Busola Adesanya Yusuf. (DAS membership coordinator, telephone: 020 7631 8816, email: [email protected]).

Once survey has been activated, there will be a time limit of exactly 1 month for completion of the survey. A reminder email will be sent to all DAS members at 2 weeks to encourage participation in the survey.

Following completion of the survey, the DAS Surveys Sub- committee will expect a summary of the results, the author will be invited to submit an abstract of the survey at the following DAS Annual Scientific Meeting (which will be reviewed as any other abstract) and we should be informed if the survey has been accepted in any other meetings or journals for publication.

Summary of Stages:

  1. Initial survey request and covering letter sent to [email protected]
  2. Request forward to Surveys Sub-committee.
  3. Reviewed by Surveys Sub-committee
  4. Survey is accepted/rejected/recommendations made for re-submission.
  5. Once accepted, online survey should be set up on:  Survey monkey ( Or Zoomerang (
  6. On-line survey and covering letter emailed again to Surveys. Sub-committee for final review (the completed survey link is acceptable)
  7. Nominal Fee of £100 charged.
  8. Once payment received, survey & covering letter will be emailed to DAS members
  9. Time limit of 1 month for responses
  10. A reminder will be sent to members at 2 weeks
  11. All responses will be sent directly to the online survey generator where the author will be able to access and analyze the results
  12. Summary/analysis of results to Surveys Sub-committee
  13. Completed surveys will be invited to submit abstract to the following DAS annual scientific meeting
  14. If the survey has been accepted for publication or presentation at other meetings, the Surveys Sub-committee should be informed

Dr Sam Perera
Surveys coordinator
August 2011
Email: [email protected]