DAS Member Generated Survey Policy

The Difficult Airway Society (DAS) are keen to facilitate the investigation of practice and opinion through the use of surveys of the DAS Membership, which will ideally lead to publications in recognized peer reviewed journals. However this must be balanced with a need to not overburden the members with repeated requests.

As such, the society will aim to distribute a maximum of FOUR DAS member generated surveys each year.

The DAS Surveys Coordinator will organize a review of submitted surveys and may suggest changes to the survey including, but not limited to, alterations to improve data collection, question clarity, likelihood of publication; there is a reasonable expectation that these suggestions will be carefully considered.

All applications should include a survey sponsor working as a Consultant, Staff Specialist, Associate Specialist Grades, or equivalent grade. Both the applicant and the survey sponsor should be DAS members.

There is a reasonable expectation that the results of the survey will be presented at a DAS Annual scientific meeting and a report lodged on the DAS website. DAS may choose to report data that remains unreported 1 year after survey closure.

A refundable fee will be charged when a survey is accepted.

The DAS survey coordinator will publish and update a schedule detailing the exact application process – this is available by emailing [email protected]

DAS Member Generated Survey Policy

  • Maximum of four 'member generated' surveys per year

  • Eligibility
    • The primary applicant (and sponsor) must be a current member of DAS
    • A member of the application team should be a Consultant, Staff Specialist, or equivalent

  • Survey Selection & Design
    • The DAS survey subcommittee will review all applications and selects surveys
    • The DAS survey subcommittee may suggests changes to optimise methodology and clarity
    • Once approved by all parties, the applicant will be asked to create the survey on an approved online survey tool (e.g. Survey Monkey) and then transfer the survey to the corresponding DAS Survey account
    • The DAS Survey Coordinator will:
      • add in any advanced or logic functions as required
      • test the survey
      • review the survey with the applicant

  • Distribution & marketing
    • DAS will distribute the survey from the survey account via the Association of Anaesthetists (AoA) Specialist Societies Administrator
    • The AoA Specialist Societies Administrator will email the survey link and any accompanying explanatory text to the DAS membership by email
      • the number of email bounce backs will be recorded to better indicate the gross denominator for response rate calculation
    • The survey window is negotiable but 4-6 weeks is usual
    • Members will receive a reminder email at 2, 4 and potentially at 5 weeks
    • There will be regular reminders via DAS social media accounts

  • Results & Data
    • Applicants will be provided with a personal link to follow responses in real time
    • Results will be forward to the member at the end of the survey period as a spreadsheet and online survey tool summaries
    • DAS will hold and control the data in its own survey accounts – the DAS committee will retain access

  • Reporting, Presentations & Publication
    • Applicants will be expected to acknowledge DAS in any abstracts, presentations (oral or poster), publications, or reports
      • DAS will provide applicants with high quality images of the DAS logo
      • It is expected that the authorship of any output related to the survey will follow the recommendations set out by the ICMJE1
    • Applicants will be asked to report a summary of their findings to DAS within 12 months for publication in the DAS eZine (this does not preclude publication in peer reviewed journals; this should be disclosed at the time of submission)
      • Applicants are encouraged to submit their findings as abstracts to the DAS Annual Scientific Meeting
      • If the applicant intends to submit the results to a conference for a presentation, DAS will accept a copy of the abstract or poster after the conference so as not to prejudice the submission process
    • Surveys results will be accessible on the DAS website
    • If the projects are of sufficient quality, and accepted by the local organizing committee, DAS survey presentations will be highlighted at the DAS Annual Scientific Meeting
    • If no report is submitted by the member within 12 months, DAS may report the survey results in any way it sees fit

  • Fee
    • There will be a fully refundable £250 fee for surveys that are approved, payable by the member. This will be refunded if a report (for publication in the DAS eZine) is submitted within 12 months of the close of the survey
    • DAS acknowledges that £250 may be restrictive for some applicants and DAS will endeavour to support members where possible

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