Course Details

DAS approved course

Overall aims:


1. To teach airway skills using a variety of advanced airway equipment

2. To teach human factors in airway management

3. Airway management in adults and children

4. Basic airway skills such as optimum position


Learning outcomes: 


  • Learn oral and nasal fibreoptic intibating skills and Awake fibreoptic intubation
  • Use of supraglottic devices such as ILMA and second generation supraglottic airway devices, videolaryngoscopes and Aintree intubating catheter.
  • Paediatic videolaryngoscopes and positional of double lumen tube
  • Human Factors and simulator training and DAS unanticipated difficult airway guidelines. Management of the cant intubate cant oxygenate situation ( front of the neck airway access), Ultrasound and the airway, ORSIM Brochoscopy and optimising position for laryngoscopy.


Course Dates

Thu, 25th Jun 2020

Contact Details

Zara Elahi
Tel: 0116 258 8094
Email: [email protected]

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