Dr Ned Gilbert-Kawai

Trainee Rep

Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

I am a 10th year Anaesthetic and ICM trainee in London. Admittedly not a specialist in ‘difficult airways’ per se, I hope to bring to the committee the views and opinions of a ‘jobbing anaesthetist’ – i.e. what is considered a ‘difficult airway’ to most of the committee, may be different to most of us! Additionally, I am very keen to work with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine to promote and expand the role of DAS within the Intensive Care environment. Outside of clinical medicine, I have a keen interest in Academia (having previously undertaken a PhD relating to Hypoxia), and lecture and examine at three Universities.  Last, but not at all least, I will of course be here to represent the views of anaesthetic trainees throughout the country.