Royal College of Anaesthetists

Tuesday 25th March 2014


Dr. Jairaj Rangasami, DAS President

Dr. Subrahmanyam Radhakrishna, DAS Honorary Secretary

Prof. Tim Cook, RCoA NAP Advisor

Miss. Mary Casserly, RCoA Education & Research Manager

Miss. Maddy Humphrey, RCoA Administrator for HSRC & NAPs

Meeting Purpose:

The purpose of the meeting was to follow-up from the highly successful and fully subscribed Airway Lead Day held at the RCoA on 26th September 2013 in agreeing on plans for DAS and RCoA support for the established network of Airway Leads (ALs) in two-thirds of UK NHS Trusts.


  1. DAS forum

100 individuals have registered for access to a forum which will be hosted on the DAS website.  The forum will provide a space for ALs to communicate with each other. As part of another DAS initiative there will be communication with a selected international panel of experts in the field, able to  offer support and guidance on issues and local challenges brought to the forum. 

  1. RCoA Airway Lead web page

The RCoA will provide an Airway Lead resource page in the Education section of the RCoA’s website.  This page will signpost to existing resources on the NAP pages of the HSRC (Health Services Research Centre) website, within the e-Learning Anaesthesia (e-LA) programme, with links also to NAP4 and DAS guideline pages. The aim is that it willact as a repository for new resources and will grow over time, especially including resources  submitted by Airway Leads across the UK (for example locally developed training tools, presentations and algorithms).

  1. UK-wide Airway Lead survey

Airway Leads will be consulted on ideas for a survey which could be adopted across the Airway Lead network.  The forum will be the medium for this consultation.

  1. Communication between DAS, RCoA and the Airway Lead network

  • No later than December 2014, consideration will be given to a second Airway Lead Day, dependent     on demand and relevant content/updates.
  • The AL strategy will be a regular feature at all DAS meetings.
  • Strategy leads in DAS and RCoA were identified
  • Timelines

    Airway Lead forum will be live on DAS website and RCoA Airway Lead resource page will be live mid-May and announced at the RCoA’s Congress meeting.

    A decision will be made by September 2014 as to whether a second Airway Lead meeting will be held in June 2015.

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