­Roben's Suite, Guy's Hospital
1st and 2nd December

Session I: 
Dr.Ian Calder (London)What is a difficult airway?
Dr.Adrian Pearce (London)What do the textbooks say?
Session II:Equipment session
Professor Michael Frass(Vienna)Combitube
Dr.Adrian Pearce (London)Upsherscope
Dr.Mike Ward (Oxford)McCoy/Belscope
Session III: 
Dr.Geoffrey Sharwood-Smith (Edinburgh)Fibreoptic intubation teaching
Dr.Mark Lynch (London) and Dr Chris Barham (East Grinstead)Transtracheal jet ventilation
Session IV:Specialist advice : Are the textbooks correct?
Dr Fred Mostafa (Liverpool)Glottic pathology
Dr Charles Gillbe (London)Tracheal masses
Session V: 
Dr Nick Woodall (Norwich)Awake intubation
Dr Jacqui Dalton (Liverpool)Unstable cervical spine
Dr Ian Barker (Sheffield)Paediatric problems
Session VI: 
Dr Adrian Pearce (London)Retrograde intubation
Dr Alasdair Dow (Exeter)Trauma and the airway
Dr Ralph Vaughan (Cardiff)Problems with extubation
Session VII: 
Dr Steve Greenhough (Manchester)Discussion of four clinical cases