DAS will accept submissions from DAS members for consideration of ranking and citations for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and for the retention of previously held awards for the 2019 round of National awards. We shall electronically forward the ranked list of the successful candidates to the National ACCEA. The last date and time for submission to the ACCEA is very limited and closes on the Thursday 4th April 2019 at 17:00 hrs.
DAS can support only a limited number of applicants to the awards as given in the guidance notes on the ACCEA web page. Applicants are encouraged to read the updated 2019 application guidance.
The deadline for submission to DAS is 5PM on Friday 22nd March 2019
Please submit to [email protected].
1. ACCEA application form
2. The name of an individual who can provide the applicant with a citation.
For further details please see the ACCEA website:

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