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Richard Towler is the Hospital Sales Director of Freelance Surgicaltd. His father Robert Towler, who currently heads the preowned division of the company, established the company in 1987. His brother heads the veterinary wing, making this a very successful family business
The company name 'Freelance'was an automatichoice as the founder chose to trade as an independent supplier of medical products, a tradition that has continued for 29 years. Fresh out of School, Richard Towler joined the company in 1999, hoping to fulfill his dream of business experience in his own company rather than through university education. A very approachable and dedicated leader, Richard has not only realised his ambitions but has also taken his company towards higher targets. For the past 25 years, Freelance have been the sole distributers in the UK of airway products manufactured by VBM Germany. They particularly specialise in the trans tracheal approach and supply products that are designed for 'Plan D' of the DAS guidelines.
Richard and his team from Freelance have offered unfailing support to training in airway education. The first DAS course was held in Guy's Hospital in 1985 and Freelance Surgical Ltd were there for the course by supplying the equipment required for the work stations. Since then their support for DAS workshops has been unflagging and they have supported every DAS ASM for the past 20 years. In addition, to date, every year they have backed over 150 educational courses in the UK, a truly remarkable achievement for any company.
Richard Towler himself epitomises the company policy of excellence through education, by leading from the front. Every Airway course organizer in the UK knows Richard as a very enthusiastic, reliable person who could be counted on to back their educational venture.
Difficult Airway Society acknowledges the influence of Richard Towler and his Freelance team on Airway training in the UK and awards this prestigious memento as a mark of their contribution.
Dr.S. Radhakrishna
Immediate Past secretary DAS
Consultant Anaesthetist
UHCW, Coventry




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