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Armstrong Medical Ltd
Wattstown Business Park
Newbridge Road
Northern Ireland
BT52 1BS

Product Details

What’s the POINT?
Pulmonary complications may present at any stage of the patient’s peri-operative experience. Appropriate interventions can minimise these risks in the pre, intra and post-operative periods.
POINT delivers humidified high flow therapy to support your patient  during the peri-operative period.
POINT Applications
  • Increased and accurate pre-oxygenation 
  • Increased apneic window for management of difficult airways 
  • Apneic oxygenation during ENT surgery 
  • Respiratory support during procedural sedation 
  • Reversal of anaesthesia induced atelectasis
  • Improved secretion clearance
Why choose POINT?
Ready to use
  • POINT system does not require decontamination between patients
  • POINT starter Flowkit protected by BioCote®, for rapid set up when required
  • Rapid heat humidification chamber, achieves optimal temperature quicker
  • Portable for use during transport
Improved Control
  • Accurate FiO2, higher flow rates reduce dilution from room air
  • Adjustable FiO2, reducing concerns over O2 toxicity or absorption atelectasis
  • Adjustable flow rates for nasal cannula (60L/min) and face mask CPAP (>60L/min)
  • Humidification improves patient comfort and secretion clearance
  • Ultra-PEP aids improved FRC and secretion clearance


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