ACCEA awards

If you are thinking that this year could be your time to apply for a national award be it Bronze, Silver or Gold then remember DAS support for your application could give it that final little nudge into the successful pile.

Over the years we’ve had a number of successes & we hope that this will continue. Start thinking about who could write you a citation relating to your DAS related work, approach them early. Guidance for citation writers is available on the ACCEA website.

The DAS ACCEA committee will be sifting and ranking candidates come June 2013 and we would then endorse the citations that have been written on your behalf. Also it would be helpful for the DAS committee to know a little in advance of the process if you are thinking of applying with our support as it will enable us to assist you to the best of our ability.

The ACCEA has not received any definite confirmation as yet about when the 2013 round would open. The deadline for requesting DAS support (with a copy of your ACCEA form and Citation) is currently 5 pm July 15th , 2013 although this is subject to change when further information regarding national timescales is released. Updates will be posted at this link. Please e-mail your application marked ACCEA 2013 to [email protected] 

Jairaj Rangasami

President DAS