Instructions for using the consent form

It  is mandatory to obtain informed consent from the patient prior to submitting their information to DAS Database.

Before filling out our online form, please download the 'Patient Information Leaflet and Consent form' using the link below. Further details about this project are available on this website under the Airway Alert Card / Difficult Airway Database section. Please provide all relavant information to patient before seeking their consent, especially how their information will be shared with DAS. It is important that the patients understand their pseudo-anonymised clinical information will be available to authorised clinicians via the internet. They should also understand that they can withdraw the consent anytime if they wish so. Please also discuss about using their anonymous clinical details for research purposes and their right to opt out from this. 

One copy of the consent form must be given to the patient and the original is retained in patient's notes.

Please note that currently only Consent form 1 is available for use. 

Download Patient information leaflet and Consent form.

Click here for a Welsh language version